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Phone Recycle Bank

Recycle your old mobile with the Phone Recycle Bank. Your old phone will most likely, end up helping someone in a developing country.

Phone Recycle Bank:

"20:20 Mobile, Europe’s leading distributor of mobile phones is launching of a new consumer mobile phone recycling brand - PhoneRecycleBank.com.

Consumers can receive up to 250 for their old mobile phones when they trade them in at PhoneRecycleBank.com.

So why use PhoneRecycleBank.com?

- Competitive Prices for Customers - We monitor our competitor prices on a daily basis and we believe we have the most competitive online prices.

- Environmentally Friendly - We recycle inline with all current EU legislation and provide affordable handsets to developing countries.

- Free and Simple Online Process - very simple 3 step online process to sell your handset.

- Extensive Model List - we purchase more than 750 different handset models.

- Freepost - You will incur no postage costs.

- Payment within 4 Days - We promise to send your money by cheque within 4 days of receipt of your handset".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Phone Recycle Bank

http://www.phonerecyclebank.com/ affiliate program is with Webgains