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Pink meets Blue
Pink meets Blue
Dating agency - online personals - find your perfect love match

Pink Meets Blue is a dating agency, an online place where you can explore the intriguing romantic world of Online Personals.Pink meets Blue At Pink Meets Blue they say: "Isn't it about time you tried online personals, too? At Pink Meets Blue we're making your search for love and friendship easier than ever. Post your profile, post photos, search and browse our growing member list -- all free of charge, and all with complete privacy and anonymity".

Anonymity - could be fun, you know. You can keep track of profiles and favourites, and do a search and match, and there are some intriguing features such as "mutual favourites".

The whole setup is moderated with discretion and there are rules about what's ok and what's not. No spam. No bigotry. No under-age. No stalkers. etc. All persuasions and orientations are catered for, although if you change gender you have to write in by e-mail and tell them!Pink meets Blue

You can post photos of yourself if you like, and you can see photos of people online, but anonymity is preserved, giving an air of romantic mystique to the whole affair! There is a special secret Pink meets Blue e-mail address system so no-one knows the whereabouts or contact details of anyone else.

It's free to register, search, post a profile, get matched, and respond to messages. You must use credits to initiate contact with other members, but credits are not required to reply. If you have no credits in your account, credits can be purchased on the get credits page.

Pink meets BluePink meets Blue is quite new (I was introduced to their affiliate program in February 2004), so they'd like you to tell your friends. Don't forget to forward the address of THIS PAGE, because that helps me too!

If you'd like to give Pink meets Blue a try, here's the link. Have fun!:

Shucks! This does seem to have gone! The link http://www.pinkmeetsblue.com/index.php?ref=af3SCnMH7lkrE appears to no longer track. The site is coming up with a 404 error (2005/08/07). Let's hope this is sorted out soon. In the meantime, see other

http://www.pinkmeetsblue.com/ Pink Meets Blue affiliate program (was http://www.pinkmeetsblue.com/index.php?aff=af3SCnMH7lkrE ) is an Independent Affiliate Program, so if you are interested in the affiliate business, here was the link, even though it's now been bunged up