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PersonalPost™ - Digital Franking Machine for Small Business

To save having to stick stamps on business post, Pitney Bowes can offer you the PersonalPost™ digital franking machine, which you can try free for 30-days. In the words of Pitney Bowes: "Pitney Bowes are the world’s leading provider of mail and document management solutions. They have recently launched into the SOHO market with PersonalPost™, a digital franking machine designed specifically for small businesses and home workers. Pitney BowesPersonalPost™ is offered on a 30 day free trial with 20 free postage to use during the trial and a free company logo so users can advertise on every piece of mail they send. Pitney Bowes are acquiring 15,000 new users per year and currently 30,000 small businesses in the UK benefit from the convenience, cost and time saved by PersonalPost™".

Though I've never had any trouble sticking stamps on post before, I have it on good authority that for most businesses it's possible to save money by having a franking machine. If not, you're paying people to lick stamps. Not the best job, and not the most effective use of their talents!

Even from a purely financial point of view, if you work out how much money it costs your business in wages to pay people to do the stamp-sticking, you may find Pitney Bowesit's worth getting a franking machine. Don't just take my word for it - get a business adding-machine and do the calculations yourself! There could be a shrewd business decision in the making.

Plus, Pitney Bowes must be confident you'll find their digital franking machine is going to be worthwhile, otherwise they'd not have made the generous offer of 20 worth of postage. Imagine if the post office did that. "Here you are, here's 20 worth of stamps!"

Pitney Bowes: "Time is money for every business! If you’re still using stamps to send out your mail, then you’re familiar with post office queues and putting extra stamps on to ‘ensure it gets there’. Avoid the queues, promote your company and save on unnecessary postage with PersonalPost™, the digital franking machine designed specifically for the smaller office".

Company Logo? Now there's a thought. This means that your business post has your company name and logo as if it's in the postmark.Pitney Bowes

Extra points of note:

Satisfied customer J Terence D Webber, Managing Director – H Webber & Sons Ltd – July 2002 said “…in just one day the machine reversed a lifetime of inefficient postal practice. The mail gets sorted so fast, correct postage, instantly calculated and with the customer next day.”

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Footnote: If you decide to stick with stamps, so to speak, it's best to order a variety of unusual denominations to make the business more interesting for stamp collectors. Plus, in the old days before the Post Office introduced self-adhesive stamps, when it was common practice to have to lick the stamps to stick onto business letters, you could save staff time and spit by having a well-trained office dog sitting there on a hot day with its tongue hanging out ready to lick the stamps. Also see other Alternative to having a franking machine