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Plan IT Software

Lots of people take Health and Safety for granted at work. However, doing so can lead to big fines and possible closure. Therefore, it's nice to know that companies such as Plan IT Software can help.

Plan IT Software:

Specifically designed for British Businesses, PlanIT Business Software will reduce the time you spend on red tape and the money you spend on professional fees.

"If you own or run a business in the UK you must have a Health & Safety Plan.

If you had the time – and the money – you could hire professional advisors to help to create your Health & Safety policy. But, a lot of the time, they’re giving exactly the same expensive advice to each different client.

Failure to comply with health and safety legislation can have serious consequences for organisations and individual managers - large fines and even imprisonment are increasingly common. Being too busy is not an excuse and ignorance cannot be used in mitigation.

Penalties for failing to prepare a statement of Health and Safety policy or undertake a 'suitable and sufficient' risk assessment can be significant.

Choose the program that is right for your business right now. We hope that soon you will be among the three out of four PlanIT customers who recommend the programs to their friends".

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Plan IT Software

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