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Boston poet Dean Riches

Culture Poet

DEAN's been writing for five years. Based on experiences from his life, he creates his poetry with positive outlooks and humorous verse and an alternative style. He has appeared in 50 anthologies, plus two anthologies featuring 23 poems, all on diverse themes. He is slowly receiving recognition as a gifted poet with many ideas on life's Journey with also three books of his own to date.

DEAN also performs stand up, so he can express his poetry. He also sings and verses his poetry with URBAN music, as he does class his work as SUBURBAN street style. He performs a 1 hour show. He is available for bookings.

Call mobile 0781 55 99931 UK.

Many thanks for being inspired by John Cooper Clarke, Attila the Stock Broker, Dylan Thomas. Thanks to MARTY, Sue, Gwyneth, Indian Queen, Roadhouse, Family, Snick & Snoop, and Zyra for making this possible.