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Dean Riches:


Some useful links

www.franticflintstones.de (gone) (my favourite band)

www.poetrypoem.com (find my poetry under "Dead Poet" or "Dean Riches")

www.poetry.com (key in my name) - update: Link removed because of comments made: http://www.eliteskills.com/writing_scams/

www.johnhegley.co.uk (funny poet)

www.johncooperclarke.com (hilarious poet)

www.wreckingpit.com (Meteors etc)

www.zyra.org.uk (Website's excellent!)

www.zyra.org.uk/MARTY.htm (friend / Rock'n'Roll)

www.newmodelarmy.org (cool band)

www.joolz.net (excellent poet)

www.forwardpress.co.uk (publisher) - seems to have disappeared

www.unitedpress.co.uk (publisher)

Spuds United - was http://www.geocities.com/spudsunited/

Useful advice:

Don't pay a VANITY PUBLISHER 1000s; you won't get a penny!