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Here are a set of pointers, pages which help to redirect and guide visitors to the right page if they've arrived at a page whose name is slightly different to what it's imaged to be. For example, Churchill Insurance is on a page whose correct name is churchil.htm because it's been on this site from the time we used to have eight letter filenames!

Sometimes people put in links to pages which have odd spellings, or they type the page name in and it's not quite what they thought. I know this, because I have a set of server logs which have error reports. Very useful.

Here are a few helpful redirect pointers:

phonemast.htm - the Mobile Phone Masts page was originally "phonmast.htm" because it had to fit into 8 dot 3 format.

airfrance.htm - the Air France page - was always airfranc.htm - similar situation.

shoppin.htm - a common typo when people are trying to find the Shopping Portal

Birketts electronics shop is at the .org.uk site, not .org !

.org : the official site is Zyra.org.uk but there are a few pages at .org

UPPER CASE FILENAMES.HTM - these come up with "page not found" as the server is case-sensitive.

After the success of acquiring the .eu domain, pages which should have been at the Zyra Europe webspace were retro fitted. See Europe Stuff !

.html rather than .htm - almost all html pages at Zyra's site are .htm

Churchill - ok it's a cute bulldog selling insurance but probably named after Winston Churchill.

More pointers will be added after sifting through the error logs and seeing what extra signposts need to be installed. Incidentally, if you're wondering why the pages aren't just moved and the old ones deleted, it would seriously jeopardise the deep linking policy, so instead, to keep a consistent permanency, the site's existing infrastructure will remain where it's expected to be.