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Polo - a sport in which the players ride horses. Many variants exist involving other mounts, for example elephants, canoes, bicycles, etc.

Water Polo - an aquatic sport, but no horses are involved.

Marco Polo - famous explorer
(Many companies are named after the great explorer, especially if they are in a line of business which has the right associations, for example travel, map making, navigation equipment, outdoor gear, etc)

Polo - the Mint with the Hole

Polo - Volkswagen Polo - well known VW car

Polo - perfume



Yet again the situation shows the absurdity of the domains business. Although many different companies have a "trade mark" and a considerable financial investment in being POLO, there is no good reason for any of them to expect to be the only POLO in the world. Whenever a new domain extension is announced there is typically an unseemly rush for companies to fall over each other to have it before all the others. Maybe this is a distant death-knell for the ".com" nonsense, and we should start to boycott ".com" and look to a more diverse approach to web site naming. In a better world, an open and "live and let live" method is the way forward.

A further note on the trouble: The ".eu" domain has become discredited because of cybersquatters getting a large number of domains and also because of reputable companies fighting each other over the same domains.

I, as an affiliate, am LESS LIKELY to sign up to promote any company whose primary domain looks like it's been expensively got. I feel as if it's got blood on it.

For more about the solution to the philosophical engineering problem, link to a more detailed account. See: The "KENCO" problem