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PopCap Games

PopCap Games

Fun games for all are what you'll find at PopCap! The beauty is you can try extensively before you buy, you won't find such a complete service at your local Games Store.

PopCap Games:

"Here at PopCap our goal is to create fun games that literally everyone can enjoy. Our games are easy to learn, tough to master... and utterly addictive!

Best of all, they're FREE!

You can play our web games right in your browser. Or download the free Deluxe games in just a few minutes, to enjoy anytime, anywhere - without being connected to the Internet.

Then, when you're hooked, you can own the complete version of the game for unlimited play, special features, new characters and more. All for less than $30!

PopCap is one of the original, defining companies in the casual games space online.

Our successful growth as a private company over the past 7+ years has been driven from word of mouth enthusiasm and smart partnerships. This is one of many testaments to the quality and uniqueness of our casual games products with over 30 original titles and growing.

Maybe you've heard of Bejeweled, the defining title of today's casual game phenomenon? That's the kind of creative and playful genius PopCap brings to the table across its Puzzle, Action, Word, and Arcade titles".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


PopCap Games

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