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Did you know, Powergen has become E.ON ?

Powergen always was a famous name in the energy business, supplying electricity and gas. Powergen was one of the first UK electricity companies after the electricityPowergen supply industry was privatised a while back. I've always liked Powergen and I've noticed the company do well even during times of an increasingly competitive market. Also see Powergen for Business , Powergen Central Heating, and the new pages about E.ON

Powergen electricity and gas had an interesting mystical relationship with Tesco

PowergenPowergenLink here for E-ON, the new name for POWERGEN

www.powergen.co.uk affiliate program WAS with Buy.at and then it moved to Affiliate Window

I think it's only fair to mention, the name "Powergen" is now part of history, and the company is now known as E.ON. The same good company, but with a different name on it.

As promised, all the links on this page now redirect to the E.ON page, rather than directly to the company. If you've got it bookmarked, please remember: Powergen is now E.ON