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Good Value Pregnant Cat

As she takes a very careful estimate of her weight before jumping onto that wall

Good Value Pregnant Cat

This is an unusual picture. It's not just a picture of a cat, but a picture of a good-value cat, and what makes it even more interesting is she's a good value pregnant cat. Good Value Cats are often born of Good Value Cats. This is not simply because the condition of being "good value" is inherited. It's also because good value cats live in good homes, and if they have kittens then these are brought up to like people. If the mother likes people, the chances are the kittens will like people.

Another interesting point of note is the concentration this pregnant cat is putting in to her careful judgement of her take-off when jumping onto that wall. Cats leaping onto walls isn't news, but for a pregnant cat, even if she's familiar with the height of the wall and how wide the top of the wall is, she'd got to estimate her weight and lift-off perfectly in order to make a dignified safe landing on top of the wall.

I know the picture quality isn't what it might be, but the photo was taken a long time ago with one of the early digital cameras (less than a megapixel). Also, the lighting conditions weren't ideal. But then again, it is a picture of a black cat in the shade, behind a brick wall, in 640x480, so, what do you expect? Let's try to improve it by adjusting the tone balance a bit...

Good Value Pregnant Cat

Well it was worth a try!

The purpose of this page is to show you an interesting picture, and to give a passing reference to Mothercare and other mother and baby places, but also to try to encourage anyone who happens to have a good value cat that's able to produce more new good value cats. It's important to have more Good Value Cats in the population, as it's good for cats' evolution and reputation.