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The Joy of Second Hand

Preloved is a website where secondhand goods get to find good homes.

As they say at Preloved: "Buying or selling a second hand bargain? Preloved is full of people selling nearly new and really old bargains in over 500 categories".Preloved

Did you know, Preloved is a buying and selling community, and you can take part in this.

If you have something to sell, you can put in a free classified advert. All private adverts are completely free so this is a great service.

There are additional advantages to becoming either a Full member or Premium member of Preloved.

Although adverts from private individuals are completely free, the advantage of becoming a full member is that you get to view the very latest classified adverts on Preloved, UKie. those posted within the last 10 days. Effectively, full members get access to all the best bargains.

Premium membership gives all the benefits of full membership, but it also gives people an enhanced advertising package. Premium adverts being given a distinctive border and a photo on the listings page. Premium member adverts also stay at the top of the list for longer meaning they are viewed on average twice as often as a normal advert.

The most popular categories at the Preloved website are motoring, caravanning, computing and pets. There's also considerable rapid growth in such categories as boating, cycling and property.

Preloved is based around the UK market, but it's not exclusive to that region.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!Preloved

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