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Place with Premier in the name

With having "Premier" as the first word in the name, it says the place is the first, or the primary, in some sense. Here are a few places so named...

Premier Inn - hotels where everything's premier but the price

Premier Holidays - luxury villas in the Mediterranean

Premier Man - part of JD Williams

Premier Footstools - specialists where you can put your feet up

Premier Cookware (gone) - quality cookware

Premier Alliance - procurement services for hospitals in the USA

Premier Pet - Premier.com - pet products

Premier Store - skateboarding. I wonder if they've got an affiliate program? As per skate.htm

Premier Designs - jewellery

Premier means leading, chief, primary, or first. It is a term for a prime minister of a country or the chief official of a province. See http://www.thefreedictionary.com/premier

For more about odd mixtures of places with something in common in the name, see 4U