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Take a look at Preschoolians and their award winning shoe designs. They are an Internet only company, who have created a great range of footwear for your children.


"Preschoolians Company has been in business for five years and we sell only over the Internet. We won Time Magazine's Coolest Inventions for Visu Fit (which allows the parent to see just how the shoes fit and when it is time for a new pair).

We have the largest selection of soft soled shoes that are proper for outdoor use in the world.

We have a free measuring device called accu fit which is shipped to customers for free

We guarantee satisfaction period 100%

We have 7 day a week customer service via email, chat or phone

Our shoes are machine wash and dry

Each one of our shoes comes with three footbeds which allows the width of the shoe to be adjusted in your home

We make 4 distinct soles proper for several stages of development; all just like being barefoot

We offer all new customers a 15% discount and we send emails for the parent to check fit after 13 weeks (using the window on the bottom of the shoe)".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:



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