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Priceline - name your own price!priceline
Name Your Own Price

Priceline - the Name Your Own Price company! Priceline says "name your own price" for hotels, car rental, and long-distance text. Sounds interesting?

At Priceline, they also say "Priceline is a little different to your typical online travel agent. We guarantee your visitors will stay in the world's quality hotel chains or leading independent hotels. But: we invite customers to Name Your Own Price rather than providing the savings up front!"

"The Name Your Own Price Internet service for hotel accommodation in over 1,400 cities worldwide. By choosing their own price, priceline.co.uk customers can save up to 40 percent or more over typical retail prices".Priceline - name your own price!

Here's some more information...

About priceline.co.uk
Priceline.co.uk works with one of the travel industry's largest collections of travel suppliers, over 8,500 hotel properties in Europe, the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and Canada. Through its supplier relationships, many of them being exclusive, Priceline.co.uk is able to secure special savings for its customers. Also, Priceline.co.uk does not publish its prices, which means suppliers can privately sell their empty hotel rooms on priceline.co.uk at even deeper discounts knowing that it won't affect their retail prices or sales.

With Priceline.co.uk hotel rooms, customers select the dates of their stay and the price, and agree to stay in any major-brand hotel, as long as it has the quality rating they want and it is in the area of town they want.

Priceline.co.uk is majority-owned by priceline.com inc, the Name Your Own Price Internet service. Priceline.com is one of the Internet's largest sellers of leisure airline tickets, hotel rooms with over 15,000,000 worldwide customers.

So, there you have it. Now to take a closer look...

Link here to go to PriceLine.co.uk

www.priceline.co.uk affiliate program was with LinkShare and later was with TradeDoubler and after that with Affiliate Future. However, it is now with Commission Junction.