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POLICY OF PROPAGATION at www.zyra.org.uk

One of the problems experienced by Zyra.org.uk is that not enough people know about it. So, I'd appreciate your help in spreading the word!

You can tell people about it directly by saying such things as "Have you seen this interesting site at www.zyra.org.uk ?" or by signing up to the Circular list and then forwarding the e-mail newsletters on to other people.

Bookmarking the site in unattended logged-on computers in offices is fair game, as is writing memos to people and leaving Post-It notes around.

If you have a website, advertising can be mutual in the form of Reciprocal links, and I you have not got a website, would you like one? Here's some helpful information on How to Get Your Own Website. Websites are very useful for a variety of purposes.

Would you like a business card? Here's my business card. You're welcome to print it out.