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Platinum-Diamond connection

Regarding platinum and diamonds, it might interest you that geologically platinum and diamonds are linked! Both are derived from sources at the base of the earth's crust and both occur in what are known as stable cratons (large regions of the crust that have been dormant tectonically for over a thousand million years). Chemically, the ultramafic rocks that host platinum deposits are similar to those in diamond pipes. In one instance, a platinum nugget was found in a diamond pipe. South African diamond pipes occur all around the giant Bushveld Complex which is the world's largest deposit of platinum. Russia is the world's largest producer of palladium and a large producer of platinum and similarly, its diamond pipes occur in the same region. Strangely, this connection is not made by academia or the mining/exploration fraternity yet. Nevertheless, it is entirely appropriate that diamonds be set in platinum jewellery - they are age old neighbours!

Thanks to Gary, our friendly contributor who sent this item in.

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