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Public Ads

PublicAds is a very go-ahead company. Free advertising, affiliate marketing, banner exchange, advertising campaigns. Here's what the people at PublicAds say about their services:

   Public Ads is a one stop source for personal or commercial advertising and marketing. In addition to our regular web visitors seeing your ad, Public Ads displays your advertisement on our affiliate sites; ensuring that your ad is seen not just on one website, but on multiple websites. Using our affiliate program in conjunction with our marketing programs, we drive further traffic through your advertisement.

   The main objective of the Public Ads, inc marketing team is to deliver customers. Once we've clearly identified our target, we plan, buy, manage, track and continually optimize our digital marketing efforts. Each campaign we embark upon is analyzed to ensure that goals are met, and learning is shared to improve upon future initiatives. In every case, our goal is to provide the most cost-effective method of delivering customers while maintaining brand integrity. And, no matter what the format -- banner ads, email marketing campaigns, driven or guaranteed traffic, or site sponsorships, -- we continually explore exciting new online opportunities such as broadband and wireless platforms.

   We believe that the foundation of any Internet marketing plan is a sound strategy for obtaining high rankings on leading search engines and directories. Lots of companies offer assistance with search engine placement. At Public Ads, we put our money where our mouth is. We target all of the Web's major search engines and directories, and, with the exception of minimal submission fees charged by a few of those properties, there are no hidden costs to you.

I think this is worth looking into, don't you?


http://www.publicads.com affiliate program HAD an independent affiliate program using KowaBunga software, but it's now gone! Even the domain has gone and been taken over and become a problem (see cybersquatters). However, we know of plenty of other affiliate programs

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