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Powergen Enterprise
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If you run a business it's worth knowing that Powergen SME (small/medium enterprise) could save you money on your company's energy bills. Apparently, "Powergen are the largest integrated company generating energy, distributing and retailing electricity and gas", and "Not only could Powergen help your business save money on energy bills, but we can offer peace of mind through our fixed price Business Electricity Plans". This fixed price guarantee on electricity for business also helps avoid worry about the changing cost of energy as time goes on. Incidentally, they're currently offering "50 cashback per fuel if you switch online" (information correct at time of publishing (early 2005)). Also see Powergen Home Energy

If you'd like to have seen if Powergen could have saved your business some money, here was the link:E.ON

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Now available at E-ON Business

www.powergen.co.uk affiliate program is with Buy.at but is now with The New Buy.at

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Powergen also have the following to say about Powergen SME: "Powergen creates UK’s first online energy switching service for small businesses. Bosses who believe that ‘time is money’ can now change energy suppliers in the time it takes to boil a kettle with the UK’s first online ‘quick quote’ service for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) from leading energy supplier Powergen.Powergen The new service is available at www.powergen.co.uk and allows SMEs to obtain a quote in around two minutes based on their current consumption levels. If interested in joining Powergen, they can then go on to complete a full application online without having to post forms or make telephone calls. Powergen calculates that the average small business could save 15% or 234 a year on their energy bills3 by simply switching electricity and gas accounts from British Gas and from their current electricity supplier. Powergen, which is part of E.ON UK, is the only energy company in the UK to offer such a service for SMEs. Neil Gould, Powergen’s SME Manager, said: “Bosses who log on to our new quick quote service could find this to be among the most useful two minutes they spend at work all year. We appreciate that busy business customers may prefer the speed and convenience of the web, so they can now choose to receive a quote and sign-up completely online – in fact, the only phone call they'll get is one welcoming them to Powergen.”. The website also contains everything needed for a business to start saving money by being more energy efficient. It contains a full downloadable guide to energy efficiency, together with practical action checklists for specific areas including heating, lighting, office equipment, refrigeration and compressed air. According to the Government-backed Carbon Trust, businesses can save as much as 20% on their energy costs simply by being more energy efficient. That is equivalent to a 5% increase in sales. The Powergen website has also been redesigned to make it easier to navigate following extensive customer research. It now contains more detailed information on Powergen's fixed price Business Electricity Plan product for businesses, as well as its range of products and initiatives for residential users". (more info at Powergen's site)

Powergen is part of the E.ON Group, the world's largest investor-owned utility. See E.ON Business

www.powergen.co.uk affiliate program is with Buy.at

E.ONAt the time of publishing Issue113 of Zyra's website, this Powergen SME page is in flux. It may be that there will be an E.ON Business page to be set up. In the meantime, see E.ON

Update 2010/05: E.ON SME is back! See E.ON Business