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RADIO Transmitter/Receiver Manufacturers

One of our contributors writes... "Zyra , here is a list of URLs for manufacturers of radio transmitters/receivers (mostly for Private Business Radio use, but also some Amateur use and PMR446) that I have gathered, not in any order though, hope they are of use.


Tait (PBR)

Icom (PBR/Amateur)

Keyradio (PBR)

Cleartone (PBR) -

Motorola (PBR /PMR446)

Yaesu (uk) or ,also known as Vertex Standard (PBR /Amateur/scanners)

Wood and Douglas (PBR and LINK transceivers)

Maxon (PBR) - was

Roberts radio (broadcast receivers)

Freeplay (wind up /solar powered broadcast receivers)

Kenwood-electronics (uk)  or (PBR/Amateur/PMR446/HiFi)

Also, how about some of these companies giving me a call so I can advertise them better?!

CB/SCANNER retailers...



CITIZENS BAND RADIO manufacturers...

links?   MIDLAND



SCANNING RECEIVER manufacturers...

Aor  (mostly scanning receivers)

 links?   ALINCO




PMR446 (greatest distance, licence exempt 'walkie talkies')...



And how about Transmitters 'R' Us - broadcasting and communications equipment specialists?! - was

Contacts are requested to contribute links, and possibly Prestigious List entries!

Antique Bush Radio icon available as shareware

This page is being updated and there are a lot more links and contacts to be added. If you would like a reciprocal link with YOUR site, please e-mail and the list will be expanded!