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Refunds Direct - returning what's rightfully yoursRefunds Direct
See if the taxman owes YOU money for a change

Did you know? According to Refunds Direct, One in Three of the UK's 30 million tax payers may be due a tax refund; an amazing four thousand million pounds goes unclaimed each year. Would you like to find out immediately and for free if they are one of those overdue a cheque from the taxman? Refunds Direct is a market leader for ‘no win no fee’ tax refunds. You can try the innovative online ’60 Second Survey’ now and find out... if the Inland Revenue actually owes you money!

Refunds Direct are mainly looking for:

1. People having sold second properties.

2. Seniors.

3. Business owners / entrepreneurs.

4. Those interested in Personal finance.

If you fit into any of these brackets, you should definitely give this a try. Or, if you think you might be able to get a tax refund for some other reason, it's still worth a try. You've got nothing to lose apart from the 60 seconds of your valuable time it will take you to try the survey. And if your time is so valuable that you can't afford that, then you should DEFINITELY give it a try as you are probably owed a fortune because of the way you run your finances!

Also, so say Refunds Direct: "It is your responsibility to make claims for tax refunds. The Inland Revenue may not necessarily tell you if you over pay tax or are due a rebate. We estimate that 1 in 3 of the UK’s 30 million taxpayers may have legitimate claims for repayments of tax but most either do not know about it or are unsure about how to get that money back. The Answer? Our ’60 Second Survey’ will instantly tell you if you are potentially due a refund".

So go on, give it a go now while you've got the chance! Here's the link:

You could have Visited Refunds Direct for the 60 Second Tax Refund Test!

http://www.refundsdirect.co.uk affiliate program was with Paid on Results. Sadly, the program has now finished - let's hope they weren't closed down by the tax office! Therefore, the page has had to be Bunged Up. For alternatives, please visit our TAX page.

Personal comment: The writer of this page at Zyra's website speaks from personal experience and has actually received a tax rebate of a substantial amount. So yes, the Tax Office do pay refunds where these are due.