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Relationships with Zyra's website

How the dedicated pages work and what happens at this site with affiliate programs

Zyra's website has thousands of pages and is about almost everything. Some of the pages are about companies (merchants), and some of these pages connect up to the actual merchants' websites via affiliate links. If you are a company, you may have an affiliate program, and this could at some time result in you having Zyra's website linking to you, either from a category or from a specially created dedicated page!

The dedicated pages about companies are in the new style of advertising, SELECT ADVERTISING, where the customer decides what they want, not the old style of advertising, SPLAT ADVERTISING, where hyped-up promotions convince people they want something which they'd previously no intention of having!

Having a dedicated page at Zyra's website is generally good, although for some companies it comes as a surprise that both good and bad things may be said about them. Not to worry, though, because what's said is generally good, all being well. Movie makers survive quite well even if movie critics say both good and bad things about their films. Surely what's important for a company is to make a lot of money, and the honest reviews at Zyra's website are well appreciated by customers, who like to see reviews not hype!

Usually with a dedicated page, the merchant's own shpiel is included in quotes, so they get a fair say too. Take a look around at the Shopping Portal and the Famous Names to see what sorts of things are on the dedicated pages for a variety of well known companies.

It's important that fair play is had, and so reasonable efforts are made to make sure the information on the pages is correct. In the case of banks, insurance companies, and financial sector places in general, special care is taken to avoid inaccuracies which could get anyone into trouble. In particular, interest rates are not mentioned, and these days company quotations are put there with a date so everyone is left in no doubt what was said and when it was said, so the information remains historically accurate.

Another notable fact about the dedicated pages at Zyra's website is that they remain indefinitely in existence. This is part of the deep linking policy, but also it gives the site a level of permanence which is almost unheard of on the Internet. It's not unusual for a company that's gone broke to still have a page as an enduring epitaph. Also, if a company gives up on a market sector and migrates to another, the old page is likely to remain, but fortunately the company is likely to be given the benefit of this, as the old pages link to the new pages, giving the new image of the company the advantage of previous memories. To see an example of this, see NTL, which was bought out. The old page links to the company that bought NTL, ie Virgin Media. Well Done to Virgin Media for understanding the finesse of this. Not so well done to More Than (insurance) when they tried to erase history of the old More Than Credit Card and ended up missing out on a lot of good business. (Update: They have since been reconciled). Several other companies have come a'cropper by trying to lay down the law and have had their failures of diplomacy coming home to roost. Telling people what to do might have worked in the old days, but no more, as there is freedom on the Internet, and affiliates insist on freedom of speech.

Now don't let this sound too scary, because Zyra is a very friendly character and almost always says nice things about companies. Also, there is a right of reply, and good diplomacy results in reasonable outcomes. There was once a time when Tchibo had a problem but later, after some friendly discussion, positive relationships were restored. Alliance and Leicester, though denying the site twice, was restored at a later time at another company and then had a glorious feature at this site! And, as for Harrods, it's a fact that Zyra has personally been chucked out of Harrods store in Knightsbridge twice, for having a weird appearance, but that doesn't preclude there being a nice page for Harrods at Zyra's website, although there is a subtle comment on the about Harrods page!

For a company to be nobbled at Zyra's website and to have unfriendly things said about them, they generally have to do something quite bad, and fail to repent when given the fair opportunity. I think it is unlikely Eurostar will ever be redeemed here, but who know, it might happen? They might apologise for what happened, but I feel that their corporate arrogance would preclude it. Never mind, eh, there are plenty of cheaper ways of crossing the water, with nicer views of the scenery!

Many good companies are promoted and/or reviewed at Zyra's website, and there is a reasonable balance between big companies and small. I like to think everyone gets a fair chance. Some companies are especially favoured if they have been particularly friendly, helpful, generous, etc. Some of the hard disc drive data recovery companies, for example. Companies can sometimes have Zyra as a customer, which is an interesting mixed blessing, as the company may get reviewed and a write-up put online. But if you're a company, surely you shouldn't worry, because if you're habitually good to your customers, your review will most likely be a good one! Argos, Insure&Go, Kroll Ontrack, the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel, and many other places have been reviewed from first-hand experience.

You don't even need to have an affiliate program to have the curious distinction of having a dedicated page at Zyra's website. Bycrofts the butchers didn't have an affiliate program; they just made very good pork sausages. Also, companies with an affiliate program generally fare better to accept Zyra on their affiliate program than to refuse, as the default case is positive and the write-ups usually good and the likely outcome is beneficial to business, whereas a refusal may offend, and dithering-about doesn't endear a company either. Elephant Insurance would have done much better to be reasonable, and Stanley Gibbons only needed to adjust their contract, but no, they didn't, and they were rude, which really doesn't do! It's nice to be nice to people, and if you're friendly with me, it's very likely I'll be friendly with you! Most companies do very well here and benefit from good business relationships on an ongoing basis, but occasionally someone gets the wrong end of the stick and ends up with their company having a copy of the NO STRESS page instead of the helpful company-specific page. This is a patch to cover problem(s) which might occur (but hopefully won't occur) while I am away on a three month visit to a tax haven prior to my emigration!

And before I finish this page, I'd better mention this: Don't be put off by the vivid colour schemes and unorthodox appearance of this site. If you're like Waitrose and prefer pastel shades, just say! Your dedicated page can be made in keeping with such tastes. We get on well with Waitrose now good diplomacy has been entered into and it's all been sorted out in a friendly way. If you have a specific issue about a particular page, let's talk! Even British Gas have a nice page now despite earlier confusion! Even More Than Insurance now joins the set of companies we are on good terms with, despite years of embarrassing stand-offishness. With any such misunderstanding it's much better to address the actual issue in question and enter into discussion than it is to take a high-handed attitude and end up with on ongoing snag (eg. like Boots the Chemist in 2010).