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How to RELINK!

About "This page will automatically relink to..." etc

The page has code in it which is designed to RELINK to another page after so-many seconds. In this case the page is programmed to link to the page "relink2.htm" (that's this page) after 15 seconds. You can find out how it's done by going to the page and looking at the SOURCE CODE by "VIEW" and then "HTML" or "SOURCE" or some other way on various browsers.

You can go there and "SAVE AS" and copy the page if you like. The relinking code is in a line near the beginning of the html.

Also, I'm not sure whether this works for different browsers, but you can try.

HOW YOU CAN DO THIS: To make a page relink to somewhere else automatically, add to the source-code of your own relinking page just after the bit that says "<html> ... <head>" this line...

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="15; URL=relink2.htm">

In the part that's the content, where it says 15, you put however many seconds you want for the delay, and replace the words "relink2.htm" with the name of the page you want it to link to.

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Update 2001/05: I've seen this trick used as a SLIDE SHOW. If you do this, make sure you road-test it online on a computer that's never seen your site before, as the timings can make assumptions and fail to wait for the whole picture to load!

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