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About ten years ago a watch-strap arrived in the post. To get the watch I had to go to a Renault garage and take a look at the new Renault car. Ok, so I won a free watch. This promotional analogue quartz watch is not a Rolex or a Rotary, but a Renault watch. It's always kept good time and it's STILL RUNNING. That's despite the fact that it's gone through about eight batteries over the years (mainly harvested from musical chocolate christmas cards), and the strap has rotted away years ago. But the watch has kept going! If Renault cars are as reliable as that watch, they're GOOD!

To link to the actual websites, like to:

Renault.co.uk , Renault.fr , and Renault.com

(remember to save current page to favourites before linking here as the site breaks the backlink on some browsers)

The CD "Making Tracks", also a promotional item given away by Renault, a CD with a selection of ten tracks of "Driving music", is also good. It is well worthwhile being on the Renault mailing list.

With good promotions like this, I wonder if Renault would like to have an affiliate program. They'd merit a dedicated page here.