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rethink severe mental illness

The new name for NSF / National Schizophrenia Fellowship - previous domain was www.nsf.org.uk - Also see Anything with name = NSF - also see corporate image changes

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rethink is an organisation that does a lot of good, helping to reform policy and defeat stigma, and helps those affected by schizophrenia and other severe mental illness. That is, people who have schizophrenia, and also most especially CARERS. Carers can do with some support!

rethink, as part of the pro user-empowerment campaign originally started off Perceptions Forum which is an independent user-led organisation. Also www.self-management.org.uk , although sadly that's now fallen to cybersquatters. Another rethink project is @EASE - was www.at-ease.nsf.org.uk which addresses mental health issues to young people.

You can help! Obviously by the usual ways of helping charity, but also if you happen to know the owners of the domain rethink.org.uk (notice that the actual rethink domain is www.rethink.org (no ".uk", even though it's a UK charity). A while ago there was hope of getting rethink.org.uk as it was owned by some people who seemed as if they might be approachable, but sadly since then the domain appears to have expired and fallen to cybersquatters, which is very sad. Remember, Rethink is a charity, and cybersquatting a charity is especially poor form.

Perceptions Forum declared independence from Rethink in 2012. There's a page about that at www.perceptionsforum.org.uk/rethink.htm

Special point of note, in case you are wondering... This page you are reading is on Zyra's website, Zyra.org.uk and not part of the official rethink site www.rethink.org which it links to! Just thought I'd clear that up in case anyone is a bit confused about it.