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Reversion ACNE treatment

How to get rid of acne, spots, zits, blackheads...

The Reversion Acne Control System was developed by a physician, is affordable, and best of all -- it really works! Well, if the before and after photographs are anything to go by! And now you can buy a Reversion Acne Kit online!

Apparently 80% of teenagers and 30% of adults get acne. It's a menace, isn't it!?

Acne spots, zits, - now here is some stuff which is designed to get rid of them!

On the actual site of Reversion Acne Control (linked from this page) there is a detailed explanation, written by a doctor, about the scientific reasons for acne, and how this treatment gets rid of acne! There are before and after pictures which are quite dramatic, and customer testimonials telling of experiences - impressive!

At Reversion Acne Control they say "Reversion is a new concept in acne control that is effective for all levels of acne and blemishes. The Reversion Acne Control System uses the most scientifically advanced formula available today for acne control of all levels. Reversion is a 2 step system that not only prevents acne and controls breakouts, it also helps repair and maintain your skin's elasticity!

...The key point in its effectiveness is that Reversion acts in several different ways to control the different factors at work in the acne process. It is a system that is simple in concept and simple to use.

Dr. James Beckman, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, has dedicated his career to the study of skin health. By combining his background in chemistry and his firsthand knowledge of the principles of skin restoration, Dr. Beckman meticulously created the highly effective Reversion Acne Control System. Yes it works! From mild blemishes to severe cases of acne vulgaris, the Reversion Acne Control System has been clinically proven to control breakouts!

Reversion works so well that most users have reported that after initially gaining control of their acne, Reversion acts as a preventive system. The Reversion Acne Medication used daily provides an exfoliating action to unclog pores by utilizing salicylic acid, one of the most powerful acne medications allowed by the FDA in non-prescription drugs.

Some people may think that the Reversion system is only for severe cases of acne. WRONG! Reversion works much better than the leading brands of acne cleansers, soaps and creams formulated for mild blemishes and occasional pimples. We guarantee it!

Our Reversion Antimicrobial Wash is so effective that if placed on the first signs of a pimple under the skin, the pimple will usually not surface! You know, the one that becomes really sore before you can even see it? It may even be the day before a big date or interview, and you may think, "This will be huge tomorrow! Why me?" With Reversion's Antimicrobial Wash, simply apply a drop with your fingertip directly on the spot and leave it overnight. This will usually prevent that ugly zit from even appearing! When used as a daily regimen, mild blemishes and breakouts are completely controlled. The Reversion Acne Control System not only benefits you by raising your self-esteem and social acceptance with smooth, healthy, blemish-free skin - you will also find that Reversion can benefit your wallet! The Reversion Acne Control System can be used daily at a much lower cost than expensive prescription drugs that require repeated, costly visits to a doctor's office.

Patients of all ages and with the complete range of acne severity are excited when they let us know that Reversion has changed their lives for the better!

In a case study of both high school and college students (over a 12-week period), 100% of all participants reported varying degrees of success . . . from total control of grades I & II acne, to dramatic improvement of grades III & IV. Most improvements began within a two-week period of continued use. Reversion Acne Medication is an over-the-counter drug as classified by the FDA, which means it can be sold without a doctor's prescription. Because both Retin-A and Accutane are classified as prescription drugs by the FDA, using them requires a doctor's office visit plus the cost of a prescription medication." ... There's even more about this at the site!

The product is guaranteed by the company: "All of our products come with an unconditional 90 day guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products after using them for 30 days, we will refund the full purchase amount!"

Can't say fairer that that!

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