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Royal Institution Christmas Lectures; bring them back!

Bring back the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures! Don't let them decline!

Ever since the days of Michael Faraday, the Royal Institution Lectures have been famous for giving those in attendance an insight into science. Faraday's audience was limited because of the difficulty of televising the lecture before the invention of television, but these days with electricity being more popularly available and televisions being less rare, it seems reasonable for the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures to be available to just about anyone.

So, over the years, the Royal Institution have put on show famous scientists presenting glorious shows of entertaining science. The scientific themes have been different, but the essence of the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures has always been the availability of science. It's very much a hands-on mode of lecturing, where children take part in staged fun science experiments almost like a magic show. Glorious!

Unfortunately, in the late zero-zeros decade, the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures have been cut-down, skimped, marginalised, and reduced. It's a tragedy, and a travesty almost as absurd as if the Royal Institution sold out to Microsoft the inferior operating system.

In an age where science needs to be encouraged and promoted, the Royal Institution Lectures need to be revived and brought back to ascendancy. It's not so long ago that the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures were sponsored by Rolls Royce, in one of the earliest advertising campaigns on the BBC.

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Also, the Royal Institution have Lectures all year, not just at Christmas. They could have their own satellite TV channel!