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Music, Geology, nautical dynamics, or laptop computers, there's likely to be something about it here.

Rock; Geology:

Geology, mineralogy, mining, look at the size of that rock! (diamond). "The trick is to bang the rocks together" is a Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy reference to advancement of civilisation and evolution. The Stone Age is the earliest period of material science

Rock Music:

To be a ROCK STAR, punk rock, heavy rock, rock and roll, rock your socks off, see music

Rock; steadfast

Solid as a rock, built on (rock) solid foundations. The Rock of Gibraltar - see tax havens. As opposed to "built on sand". Geological allusions to ground liquefaction in earthquake. Rock solid - difficult to shift.

Rock; motion

A rocking chair - see furniture. A ship (see shipping) has three axes of motion with the waves: rock (front to back, as per rocking chair), roll (tilting to left/right,port/starboard) and yaw (turning to the left/right,port/starboard). A chair with two axes would be a rocking rolling chair, and a chair with three axes would in theory be a rocking rolling yawing chair.

To Rock!

Complimentary term. That which is really kewl, wicked, groovy, or right-on (terminology subject to continued development), is said to ROCK!

Rock; seaside confectionery

Sweet, sticky, rods consisting of almost pure glucose. Not great for the diabetes, but a definite treat. Traditionally sticks of rock, or seaside rock, would have the name of the resort on the end and all the way through the length of the stick. Good news for Skegness, Rhyl, Clacton, and Filey. Not so good for Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Rock makers soon latched onto the business opportunities of making sticks of rock with MOON written right through them, or PUNK, etc. See confectionery. I would like to find an affiliate program of somewhere that can customise rock!

Rock; the laptop company

Yes, they are a company and they make laptops and notebooks and they are called "Rock". So, how about that then? See Rock Laptops. Innovative cutting-edge street cred stuff? Forget Vista (microsoft); Ask them about Linux!

New Rock boots

Big stompy boots with big heels, metal bits, spiky bits, and springs. See Alternative Market and Goth Shops

Bob THE ROCK Cooper

Bob 'the Rock' Cooper - World champion of Rock Paper Scissors 2006: "It's not about predicting what your opponent will throw; it's about predicting what your opponent predicts you'll throw"

Röcke - skirts (German)