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These links were originally provided by Meldir and then added to. So, if you'd like to contribute some role playing game links, Dungeons and Dragons, adventure-game playing links etc, please do! e-mail

Second Life - Virtual Reality which many people have got rather involved in and some prefer it to their "First Life"

Woozworld - roleplay for the young.

Forbidden Planet - Adventure Game Supplies

Bounty Bay - Become an online pirate - Me hearty, Aharrgh, Pieces of eight!

Guyendor is a fantasy world based on the AD&D roleplaying game. It has made some modifications to the original game particularly with magic and religion.

Barrok's Tower.net
"We are an online RPG forum who specialise in playing a wide variety of games as well as making resources for table top games"

Legend of Mir - free up to level 7

Furcadia - free multiplayer furry fantasy role playing game

High Elf Forum where elves get to meet and discuss the serious business of elf life.

Thirst of Night - vampire empire-building adventure.

RuneScape - free?

Tiger Bruver gaming clan is at Tiger Bruvers.com - was http://www.tigerbruvers.com

Ambercon UK - by Soronlin

world of warcraft gold - "Buy your World of Warcraft Gold online at amazing prices! Delivery within minutes".

FantasyWeapons.co.uk - Buy your replica fantasy weapons online! - lost

Setari's Roleplay Blog

www.drogon.net - adventure gaming in computers, or if you like adventuring in the physical world too, DIVING!Toledo Swords

If you like to take your sword and sorcery roleplay games rather seriously, here are some places where you can get stuff! Real swords and suits of armour can be bought from Toledo Swords, and various witchcraft supplies can be bought from AzureGreen Metaphysical and Pyretta's Lair

The Alashans www.thealashans.co.uk

Skian Mhor http://www.skianmhor.co.uk/index.htm Probably one of the better known LRP traders that attend the LT events. I've never bought anything from them, so I can't really comment, but the stuff I've seen looks good. :-)

Black Faerie http://go.to/blackfaerie Quite a nice looking group. Again, I haven't bought anything from them, but I'd love the buzz saw. They do some cheep vampire stakes as well. :-) Worth a look in.

The Leynexus www.seas.aston.ac.uk/~dorandw/Notices/index2.html The leynexus is a useful system which allows people to send leysprites a special Leyhome that displays them on a public forum. The factions and the guilds are all members of the leynexus.

The Unicorns Faction http://www.notzen.com/Unicorns/ The Unicorns Faction was kind enough to take the Alashans under their wing during their initial appearance during 1101. Since then, the Alashans have camped with the faction, learning as much of Erdreja as they can.

The Jug and Ferrit http://tectonicdesigns.com/chat/multi/cgi?area=jugnferret&mode=frames.
A drinking establishment maintained by Gryth. Very rarely seems to have any patrons except Meldir and FLAPSBANE.

House Elpragh of the Unicorns http://www.drow.fsnet.co.uk/ Led by Talabrina Elpragh, the Alashans consider House Elpragh to be their closest allies on Erdreja due to Talabrina's aid and advice.

The Temple of Shadows http://www.obliviat.com/ Azrael of the Temple of Shadows is currently attempting to seek out a couple of people that the Alashans are searching for from the Gathering, 1101.

www.thelorientrust.com The organisers of the main UK events.