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Mainstream Religions - mostly wrong

Oh yes! Mainstream religion is mostly wrong. Religions set themselves up as The One True Faith or some such thing with far too many inappropriate capital letters. Even if one of the religions was right, (and that's far from provable), this would make all the others wrong as their statement of monopoly precludes all the others from being right.

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Having shown that MOST religions must be wrong, an interesting thought comes to mind: What if ALL religions are wrong?

It's quite an uncomfortable thought, to think that the majority of people of the world are believing in the wrong religion, or at any rate aren't believing in the right religion. This is especially uncomfortable for religious people, who usually like to think that somehow the whole world is somehow going to start believing in THEIR particular brand of religion. Well, it's not going to happen. For one thing, people who believe in a religion have just as good a reason to believe in their own religion as other people have to believe in theirs. Usually it's the way they've been taught from an early age, and they've been taught never to question it. The other thing is that as science progresses and the quality of life improves and more and more mysteries are solved, fewer people feel the need to believe in any religion.

However it has been suggested that the true situation (in terms of what really exists, from a religious perspective), is in effect a compromise religion in which most of the things most religions have in common are true. So, for example, there would be some kind of God or Gods, some sort of afterlife in which there's some kind of justice, and some reasonable answers to the bad things in life. Whilst such a compromise religion is a tempting idea, and would seem to please everyone to some extent, there are problems, in particular, although most mainstream religions have some commonality, they differ severely in the details and dogma. Therefore, even if the best compromise religion which could be designed were the true religion, most of the details which religious people believe in very strongly in normal religions would be wrong.

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