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Toilets without the need for too much plumbing!

Toilets which don't need the usual plumbing requirement are worth knowing about. This means you can have a bathroom built where you want, rather than where plumbers suggest is the best place to have it. SanidrainThe people who can do this for you are SFA Saniflo Cyprus Sanidrain Ltd and are described in glowing as "the sole distributor of macerating toilet systems in Cyprus". Furthermore they go on to proudly claim "Our products are ideal for basements, bathroom remodelling, and home improvement. Do you want to put a bathroom where conventional plumbing makes it difficult or even impossible? No more blocked drains! Each room in the hotel, pictured on the right, is fitted with a SANIFLO SaniBest specially designed to stand up to frequent use and even misuse. In a professional situation you need the right kind of equipment".Sanidrain

Toilets which don't get bunged up are a definite advantage especially in some places.

Sanidrain have satisfied customers who will tell you how pleased they are with their new toilets. Vinvella and Chirosti from Lanarca had this to say, "Blocked drains were a weekly problem in our lovely house. The plumber installed a special macerator and pump unit that pumps out the waste water from the toilet and the washbasin, problem solved".

You might not want to know the details, but in case you're interested, a macerating toilet works by mincing all the stuff up and flushing it away down a normal drain. So, if someone says the economy has "gone down the macerator" you'll know what they are on about.

In Cyprus, nice place that it is, such things as a cisternless ceramic WC with integral macerator pump are well in demand and have a special advantage on yachts and other luxury boats (see boat charter in Cyprus), and we are reliably informed are "Ideal for offices, restaurants, pubs, hotels & guest houses". If you would like to see about getting a toilet fitted, here's the place to ask: Sanidrain. Website: www.sanidrain.com - Forbidden - You don't have permission to access /index.html on this server. Apache/1.3.29 Server at sanidrain.com Port 80. Now what?!

Update 2008/05: The domain now seems to be cybersquatted!

Well I was going to tell you more about how you might order a new loo, but now it's gone, you could instead have a look at bathrooms etc elsewhere.

You may need to shop around, but there are places that specialise in toilets that don't need plumbing.