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The Old Post Office at Scredington

Deep amid the mildly-undulating terrain of the rural acres of Lincolnshire (that's in England, don't you know), the ancient village of Scredington is there to be discovered. Surrounded as it is by agricultural countryside,The Old Scredington Post Office Building and a place where you can hear the birds whistling in the trees, the village of Scredington may find itself described in various fashionable guidebooks as "unspoilt", (as if the general default condition of old villages was otherwise). Among the many attractions of Scredington there is the historic Old Post Office. This remarkable building is clearly visible as you drive slowly and carefully through the village, showing due care and attention to other folk, wildlife, and to what might be round the next bend in the road.

The Old Post Office at Scredington is a fine example of an old village post office, once the centre of communication in a rural community. With its classic Victorian shop front,Victorian Post Office Shop Front you can see it's a place that in a previous age you could go and buy a Penny Black stamp, for a penny, affix it to a letter, and post the letter for delivery by the postman within a reasonable time to a place far away.

Sticklers for historical accuracy may note that in those days you would not be able to post the letter into that post box in the front wall of the post office, as it is a post box from a much later period, as can be seen from the EIIR ironwork on the front, suggesting quite strongly that it is a postbox of the Second Elizabethan Age.Post Box

The Old Post Office at Scredington is undergoing a program of restoration, though it is unlikely to be open to the public for the next few years. Good restoration is worth waiting for.

As well as having a historic heritage, Scredington Post Office also has a future aspect, it being a place of Internet activity in the early 21st Century, for it is the home of Stamp Demon. At the Stamp Demon website you can buy collectible stamps,Stamp Demon investigate the philatelic history of the world, make contact with international stamp collectors, and go shopping online for a wide variety of products and services. See, it's not just about stamps! To find out more, visit www.stampdemon.co.uk

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Also note: This glorious historic building has been restored from a near-derelict state and is now preserved for posterity as well as being a family home. So, if any small-minded people in the village stated the place to be "shabby", they are talking out of their hat.