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SEGA Poker

Poker from Sega? We can remember playing Italia 90 on our Megadrive, but that's just us showing our age!

SEGA Poker:

"Play SEGA Poker now and feel the ultimate online poker experience.

SEGA Poker never stops giving you the excitement and the fun you desire. You can play for real money or you can play for free in SEGA Tournaments and Ring Games.

Play SEGA Poker using state-of-the-art Online Poker software that's realistic and easy on the eye, 24/7!

SEGA Poker believes in making friends and staying connected.

With SEGA Poker, you can interact with the players or simply make friends whether you're playing or not.

SEGA Poker gives you the Players' Lounge, an online hub where you can interact with poker buddies or the rest of the SEGA players playing in various SEGA Games websites".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Sega Poker

http://www.segapoker.com/ affiliate program was with Affiliate Future. Sadly, the program has now finished - maybe they should have stuck to Gamegears! Therefore, we have had to Bung Up the page. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Poker page.