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Serviced Let

Serviced Let - 'better than a hotel'Accommodation in London, Bristol, Cardiff and Cheltenham. An alternative to hotels, this is more like renting a plush apartment, yet without long-term commitment. This is serviced accommodation, so no fuss about cleaning and maintenance, as it's all done and dusted.

Corporate solutions to the need for long stay or short stay accommodation are provided, and the type of accommodation is best described as "design apartments".

In the words of the company: "Serviced Lets offer design apartments on a serviced basis for either short or long term stays. We have properties in London, Bristol, Cardiff and Cheltenham. ... an alternative to hotels, and the longer the stay the better".

So, if you are corporate clients and need your staff accommodating in London, Bristol, Cardiff or Cheltenham, this may be just exactly what you are looking for.

This is where the link was to http://www.servicedlets.com/ whose affiliate program did good mostly too!

Bunged up. I hope they have a new affiliate program soon. Please say. In the meantime there are various good resources here as alternatives. See estate agency and hotels, and various business and office contacts.