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More shareware icons from

If you're wondering why a lot of these images look so realistic, it's because they have been created from photos of real objects.

You may use them on your site FREE, copy them, give them away, and if you'd like to make a contribution to show your appreciation and/or help the furthering of a good range of quality software being available here, please send a FAIR sum of <what you think it's worth> to: c/o Zyra, at the shareware office address. Cheques payable to Zyra's Bazaar. Feel free to distribute this software, but make sure you include THIS PAGE so people who get the software several down the line will know where to send contributions to! If you don't fancy sending any money, you could give this site a link. That would be appreicated :-)e-mail postbox

cd - high resolutionmirror or picture frameGrand trophy

flaskWAY ARROWlarge dustbin (mega trash can)




west mysteryeast

south-westsouth south-east

Also note that the "Mirror Icon" is available with "You can link to Zyra from here" as a banner link for helping me to advertise this site. See Banner Page

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