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Sight Savers

A charity that cures blind people

It's true you know, Sight Savers can cure people of blindness, and surprisingly inexpensively. I've been saying this for a while, that in terms of value-for-money in doing good, Sight Savers offers one of the best bargains around.

In the words of the charity themselves: "For someone who is blind, the gift of sight is the greatest gift of all. We believe that sight is a basic human right, and that everyone - including those in the world's poorest countries - should have access to the treatment and eye care that they need".

A while ago I checked on how much this cost, to cure a blind person, and the cost was about 8 GBP ($12) at the time. Do you see what I mean about charitable value-for-money? You could give a lot more money somewhere and do a lot less good in real terms.

Considering this, you might wonder how many easily-curable blind people there still are in the world, but we are told (2003) "Around the world 45 million people are blind" and "80% of them are curable". Astonishing.

"You're about to discover just how amazing it can be to give the gift of sight. At Sight Savers, we work in the world's poorest countries, restoring sight and giving hope to many adults and children who are needlessly blind".Sight SaversSight Savers


"Sight Savers is an international charity that works to prevent needless blindness and rehabilitate the blind in the developing world."

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