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Silvertap is one of the longest-established names in affiliate marketing, and  has  had a special relationship with Tesco , especially Tesco financial services. I would worry if Silvertap had all its eggs in the Tesco basket, because history reveals that is risky! (see the relevant paragraph in how to run a business and also the note at the end of this page*). However, to be fair and to look at the wider picture, Silvertap is strongly allied with Affiliate Marketing.co.uk and Brand Conversions,Silvertap so it's actually quite sure-footed and is likely to continue to be in business for the long term. There are good positive plans afoot, which I'll not reveal now, but you will see some interesting things happen. Watch this space.

Silvertap is also attractive from a merchant perspective as the offer is "Bespoke Solutions", which is helpful.

If you are interested in joining Silvertap, you are welcome to visit the direct link as follows:


It would be great if there was a Silvertap affiliate recruiter program! We live in hope!

* Update 2010: Don't panic. Although it is now true that yet another "Tesco" incident (all eggs in one basket etc) has happened, and some affiliates are receiving messages about creditors' meetings etc, it's not Silvertap's fault, and we should support them in their hour of need. Silvertap is a company with more than one string to the bow, and will most likely continue, despite Tesco! More about this at the page of Tesco and Silvertap

Useful resources include: corked, bunged up, and invited. There's plenty of business to be found.