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Simply.com can set your web hosting up with dedicated Linux servers. They also do domains, business solutions, you know the kind of stuff. Well worth looking into. In fact they say "Simply.Com is recognised as one of the UK's leading providers of Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers and International Domain Name registration solutions. To celebrate the launch of their new web site Simply.Com is offering you a chance to win Smart Car in a free to enter prize draw!"

So, as well as global domain hosting, supporting Linux, and giving advice about such things as the ".me.uk" domains and the "changes to the .fr domain", and "quality products from the market leaders including Actinic, Erol, WorldPay, Thawte & Secure Trading", they were also giving away a car!

Update 2004/07/02: Affiliate program has gone, but you are welcome to try the URL http://www.simply.com and hopefully at some time there'll be some news on a new link. Please mention if you know of a new affiliate program. Also see the category of Internet Service Providers and also the hosting companies here.

Update 2010/02/19: There is very little evidence to suggest that the company still exists, and the domain seems to have lots of out-of-date security certificates and scripts, etc. It seems to have become purely about adverts. However, since the time of creating this page, there are many other companies that have "Simply..." in the title. These are now listed on the following page: SIMPLY