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Skirts for Men

Freedom! Liberation! Equality! Sensibleness!

Campaign to abolish gender clothing-apartheid!

The rule that said that men should not wear skirts has got to be one of the daftest around, (see Misconceptions), made even more absurd now that its equivalent rule that women should not wear trousers has been quite sensibly abolished.

Obviously, rules telling you what you can't wear are bizarre oppression. Make that gender-discriminatory and you're talking serious gender apartheid. But add to that a curious asymmetry, making some people arbitrary second-class citizens, and the logical conclusion is that this is some kind of a joke rather than reality.

An early example of someone breaking the rules was Emma Snodgrass, who in Boston on 29th December 1852 was arrested for wearing trousers. Now let's see if the world is advancing, and losing its silly rules.

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THAT = http://www.vam.ac.uk/exploring/shortstories/men_in_skirts?section=index (gone)



Charles Presley of Tavares,FL: I loved your site here, thanks..I also wear skirts and I have for years now, and I would never stop wearing them either. I would love it if you also include me to your skirt list.

Goththing.co.uk - "We have a wide range of male skirts, pvc and velvet goth wear, t-shirts and hoodies. Goththing gothic clothing for all your goth wear. FREE SHIPPING IN THE UK." (Also see Gothic page) - gone! was www.goththing.co.uk - looks like yet another victim to cybersquatters!

Jupe Skirt - (Francais/English) - Jerome Salome - Jérôme Salomé est un homme qui défend le port de la jupe par les hommes et essaye d'en réduire les préjugés injustifiés - gone! was www.jupeskirt.eu

HeJ, skirts for men, the come- back! - "The french website of men who wear skirts and who help skirts to come-back into the masculine wardrobe"

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Zyra.org.uk is pro-freedom generally, and not just for any specific issue. Of a great range of freedom issues there are a subset of items where there is a matter of equality. In any equality (eg. gender equality) issue there is an implicit mathematical fact that you can't have A=B without B=A. The range of problems being nobbled is being continuously expanded, so watch this space!

Thanks to those who have contributed a great many extra links to this page! There seems to be a lot of interest in this!

Patagoniakid writes...

Where to find suitable skirts for guys+tips

Check; www.ebay.com. Search for "mini skirt" (more than 6,000) or better narrow it and look for "Cargo Mini Skirt". Look at the plain ones with belt loops and many pockets in Juniors size. These are a PERFECT substitute for shorts this summer for men. JUNIORS sizing do not have big hips and fit guys perfectly (this is important). Worn with guy clothes you will still look like a guy just as women still look like women when wearing pants! These can be had for $1.00 to $20.00 for really nice ones You will not want to give them up. Aeropostale, Nori (camo) are great. Note: Mini skirts are something for guys (any age) not to be afraid of and there are a jillion styles to choose from of which many are perfect for the guys "as is" without modification. They are typically 11 to 15 inches long (Most are 12 inches) and that is the same as man's gym shorts! (Micro minis are the same length as man's running shorts)! Be sure seller lists waist measurement or ask for it and don't go by mfgr. sizing. They will fit every time. A little spandex will also make it last longer, assure fit and easier to clean. These skirts in addition to being inexpensive also look more manly than most men's shorts!! Forget costly, heavy kilts which are Skirts by definition. From a distance these look like shorts but as you know they are far more comfortable and cooler in hot weather.

Ha... if anyone asks just say this is the year of "change" everyone wanted!


http://picasaweb.google.com/Patagoniakid - More than a thousand photos - This content has been removed because it violates our their Terms of Service.

http://www.picturetrail.com/patagoniakid - 100 photos

Youch! HotLinkFiles.com looks like it's been cybersquatted!

Note regarding skirts and shorts: A skirt is always a few inches "shorter" because the waist is where the waist is, rather than the (a few inches lower) waistline for trousers/pants.

Look, it's obvious to anyone there should be Equality for Women, but there also has to be equality for men, otherwise it's not "equality" is it?

Just about everyone is happy with Equality for Women, but if you talk about Equality for Men, that scares some people. Perhaps conformity is too entrenched? Well, let's undo that!

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