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Sky Player

Now you can watch Sky TV without having one of those dishes on your house! You can even pay monthly for an online subscription, with Sky Player.

Sky Player:

"Sky is the UK's leading entertainment and communications company, operating the most comprehensive multi-channel television service.

More than 9.5 million homes - a third of households across the UK and Ireland - enjoy the entertainment, movies, news and sports channels.

In delivering entertainment through the TV, PC and mobile, customers have more control and flexibility over what, how and when they watch.

Sky Player, Sky's online TV service is a way of watching great Sky TV without the need for a dish, set top or long term subscription. With Sky Player you can get a flexible one month contract to suit your budget and life style.

Sky Player gives you:

- Live TV - up to 30 great live channels including Sky Sports and Sky Movies

- TV on Demand - from Sky1, Sky Sports, plus up to 400 movies online to watch when you want

- No dish, equipment or long-term contract - you just need a compatible computer with broadband internet access

- Sky Player is available on PC*, Mac, Laptop, Windows 7 and Xbox 360 so you decide the way you want to watch

- Watch wherever you are in the UK and ROI".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Sky Player

http://skyplayer.sky.com/vod/page/default/home.do affiliate program is with Affiliate Window, but Sky TV have kicked this affiliate off the affiliate program, so now alternative satellite TV is promoted to a greater extent!

* What about Linux then?!