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This page is set up as a general-purpose resource to try to help to do something against slavery, forced marriages, abuse, and misguided culture.

On 9th August 2002, BBC Radio4 featured an interview with Zana Mushen and Narina Anwar in which they spoke of how they were exported and sold as slaves, not by an international gangster racket, but by their own families. It is a problem of a culture of forced marriages and gross sex discrimination.

In The Yemen, Pakistan, and various other countries, it is more of a tradition and culture than a strictly Islamic religious belief, as the Koran forbids forced marriages.

It's quite difficult to escape from a prison of family values and family honour, but it CAN be done, as shown on the programme.

Here are a few contacts which might help:

British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Community Liaison Unit
Old Admiralty Building

phone +44 (0) 207 008 0230


Newham Asian Women's Project
(Relief of poverty and domestic abuse)
Phone +44 (0) 208 472 0528

Also, the book, title "SOLD", author Zana Mushen, publisher Littlebrown & Warner Books. Also "Promise to Nadia"

We think Narina Anwar has written a book too, but we're still trying to find the details.

Yes I know these should be AMAZON links, but in the meantime, see the Bookshops page

Plus, to make this a worthwhile resource, additions are welcomed. Web links, addresses, resources,email.htm and especially anything which will help to educate and improve the culture.


As usual, stuffy extremist religion turns out to be the problem.