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SlimVit is a supplier of health supplements, such things as...

Chitosan 200mg and Calcium 114mg 90 Tablets: Affects fat in the stomach before it has a chance to become metabolized

Ci-Diet 60 Capsules: Provides nutritional support for dieters Contains Lecithin, which helps to emulsify dietary fat

Citrin® 500 90 Tablets: Citrin® works by inhibiting the synthesis of fatty acids in the liver

Grapefruit Pectin Fibre 300mg 60 Capsules: An excellent source of water soluble fibre

Guarana 500mg 90 Capsules: May help to treat diarrhoea

Kelp 500mg 90 Tablets: Kelp is a rich natural source of Iodine

Lecithin 1200mg 60 Capsules: Popular with slimmers - helps burn calories

Devils Claw Extract 500mg 90 Tablets: A very deep acting remedy causing the liver to become more active

Senna Extract 60 Tablets: Useful, very useful

Slim-by-Night 60 Capsules: A little help for slimmers

Cod Liver Oil 400mg 120 Capsules: Cod Liver Oil is a natural source of Vitamins A and D

Agnus Castus 1000mg 60 Capsules: Has been used to regulate the female hormones

Cranberry Juice Concentrate 240mg @ 25/1 60 Tablets: High doseage to help maintain a healthy bladder and urinary system. Each tablet provides on average 240mg of 25:1 Cranberry Juice Concentrate which is equivalent 6000mg of fresh Cranberries.Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Prostate Formula 60 Capsules: Saw Palmetto Extract and powder

Alpha Lipoic Acid 66mg 60 Tablets: An excellent digestive aid

Ginseng Korean 600mg 90 Capsules: Believed to increase energy and counter the effects of stress

Vitamin B complex 100% RDA 90 Tablets: A complex of water-soluble vitamins

...This is just a small selection of the interesting health products available at SlimVit.


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