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How many people are called SMITH? How many companies? Even a few years ago the phone book for one county in Britain had six pages of Smiths. Internationally, though... Here are a few to start with:

W H Smith - books, records, Internet services

Johnson Smith Company - international joke shop online

Smith's Nurseries - garden centre

Mr and Mrs Smith - Hotel Guide

Smith & Nephew - international company manufacturing a huge range of things including those packs of plasters you see in hospitals (URL required)

Smiths Crisps - fine cross-sectional pieces of the potato root vegetable roasted, flavoured and packed in hermetically sealed polymer. (URL required. Considerable efforts have failed to persuade search engines to give result!)

Smiffys - 0800 590 599 uk. Wholesale suppliers of novelties. Also see Party

Smith - natural outerwear manufacturer - domain lost.

The English Group & Smith Associates based in Madrid Spain. Provides English language courses to companies, private tuition and general language courses also Spanish to business people

Everything - with a special thanks to Steve Smith for sending this link in! Apparently there are 3.7 million "Smith" known to that site!

Is your name SMITH? Do you have a company to promote or a personal fame to be recognised? E-mail me here and be included on the list. e-mail