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Snowboards, skateboards, boards, bits, Snowtraders / Boardtactics is where to look. Specialists in snowboarding gear, Snowtraders has been on Zyra's site since yonks ago, and Boardtactics has been included at our affiliate company now. Here's what they say: "When you are ready to buy skateboards or snowboards online, we are the last stop you need. Our online snowboard shop is one of the best around, and all of the gear we sell is handpicked by real riders in the Pacific Northwest. Be sure to check our build your own skateboard tool, coming soon to our online skateboard store"


Snowtraders.com / Boardtactics.com affiliate program was with LinkShare and may yet be again! In the meantime, see other skate/surf places. I hope this is sorted out soon. It would be good to promote Snowtraders again!