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Update 2004/03: This site asserts the right to send spam, but in practice this is now only applied as a principle, like the right to smoke things that are bad for you. This site has only once sent spam, and that was many years ago. On the day of sending of the spam (about 850 messages sent to a variety of unsolicited addresses) there were 125 visits in one day, a figure which has been superseded to the level where the site gets more hits per day on average without sending spam. The practicality is that spam is such a hopelessly inefficient way of advertising that it's not viable. (Extra note 2004/08 - hopeless inefficiency has worsened - see this Cautionary Tale). Besides the obvious fact that spam annoys vastly more people than it attracts, it's latterly become associated with dishonest practices. Whilst there are still in 2004 some honest spam messages around, it has been noticed that a very high percentage of e-junkmail messages are deceitful in some way or other, and some are entirely bogus or involve criminal activity. See spamware. In consideration of the fact that some spam messages contain spoofed sender-addresses in which sites are falsely accused of sending spam, (see the VIA-GRA scam!), a problem which the ongoing bad design of the worldwide e-mail system has failed to address, (see spoofing), this site hereby gives notice that it no longer sends spam. As the last spam sent was several years ago and it proved to be a worthless way of advertising, it's important to know that any spam you receive that pretends to be from this site is not actually from this site! You should report it, with the headers, to your ISP! And, of course, don't buy anything from spam! As regards upholding Human Rights, yes, you SHOULD be allowed to send spam. However, the right has been abused so badly by criminals that the sending of spam from here is now abandoned.

As a matter of principle in a free society it's ok to advertise, but the senders of the recent spam are fraudulently faking-up sender identity and pretending it's from somewhere it's not! In addition to being a nuisance this also indicates dishonesty. Down with it!

Honest business people thinking of using e-mail marketing would be best advised to read this first: Cautionary Tale about the sending of SPAM

Pre-2004/03 OLD REVIEW:

YES, this site DOES send out spam! Shocking, iniquitous, isn't it? I could get kicked out of the golf club for that! But before you condemn it, here are the facts of the outgoing spam policy specific to this site:

To sum it up, I consider other people to be important. You, the recipient, are not considered just a "customer base". Your personal feelings MATTER. I know this is unusual in business in some places, but that's the way it is here.

Next, if you don't like spam, take a look at what I do about INCOMING SPAM on my Incoming spam policy. And yes, the incoming spam policy and outgoing spam policy are of course consistent with each other!