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My site has lots of e-mail links on it, so, not surprisingly it gets a lot of SPAM arriving.

I don't mind people sending me messages trying to sell me stuff, etc, as long as they are reasonable. They should be to one e-mail address, and should allow replies.

Many incoming spam messages pretend to be personal e-mail messages. They are often to <NAME> and include content which suggests they are from someone who has looked at my site. So, I reply. If the reply bounces, then it gives a clue that this is NOT a personal message. If the sender will not receive messages, then why should I read their messages?!

It is generally only when a sender refuses to respond to my replies that I put in a complaint to whoever has sway. Often, spam e-mails are from affiliates of companies who don't like the spamming!

REPLY to spam? Isn't that unwise? The Situation Explained

Messages are often received to a great many inappropriate e-mail contacts throughout the site. This is because a robot has harvested e-mails indiscriminately. Or, to just one e-mail which has a tenuous link. This is directed spam. There's a robot looking at pages and sending out messages often pretending to be personalised. It's a bit like those letters that arrive in the post which have the address printed to look like it's handwritten. Again, REPLY soon sorts out the real from the unreal.

To sum it up: To allow business to succeed, it's best to allow incoming spam. But if it is done badly so it is disrespectful, or doesn't allow replying, then it's time to complain.

Companies sending spam would do well to consider my Outgoing spam policy, which DOES respect the potential customer.

Anyway, Why is spam so annoying?