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Alternative Method for How to Defeat SPAM

The problem of junk e-mail (Spam) is a perplexing but not unsolvable problem. Here is a solution which is a bit different to most, as it works by philosophy rather than by something fancy going on at the hosts or in the e-mail software.

The idea for this comes from two facts:

1. The extraordinarily poor return which spam-senders get. They send out millions of messages, annoy hundreds of thousands of people, and only get a hundred responses.

2. The fact that e-junkmail is SO ANNOYING. Why is this? Upon looking into it, some interesting things are found. See Why is Spam So Annoying?. See, it's a matter of powerlessness; the idea that the senders are persistently getting one up on you.

So, here's the solution: DON'T BUY ANYTHING VIA SPAM.

It's simple, but effective. A principle, a personal ethic, similar in some ways to that of a vegetarian or a teetotaller. Just never buy anything via any spam junk mail.

Well, you might say, that's not going to do any good. They'll still send it. Yes, but that's not the point. The actual effects of such a spam boycott will be as follows:

1. Spam campaigns will become even worse value-for-money for the senders. It'll get to the point where they send out a million messages and only get half a dozen responses. In the end they'll give up.

2. As you never buy via spam on principle, it will cease to be so annoying. It will take on a laughable and pathetic quality. It will fade from the conscious mind. I know this, as I know vegetarians who are almost unaware of the presence of meat in shops. I am a coeliac myself, and I am now almost unaware of the presence of wheaty bread!

So, let's get this right: You make a vow to never buy anything as a response to a junk e-mail. The messages arrive; you ignore them. If you are tempted, you buy from somewhere else.

Somewhere else? Where? Answer: Helpful friendly sites like this! Zyra.org.uk ! Plenty of useful advice, helpful info, and non-intrusive advertisements which you CHOOSE to link on. You can look them up in the site index