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The well-known opticians Specsavers have rejected this site on their affiliate program. But we are reliably informed "Although your application to join this program was rejected in October, I must inform you that this was not intended as disapproval of the quality or value of your web site".

We would have been happy to advertise them! Specsavers would have had a page similar to those at the Shopping Portal and the Famous Named Brands along with other well-known highstreet shopping brands. And, a dedicated page would have been created which would have been almost as good as the pages about Iceland, Debenhams, and WH Smiths

The offer is still open. Please say if Specsavers (http://www.specsavers.com/) have a change of conscience on this. In the meantime, optical resources at this site include the page of unusual Contact Lenses and now more recently a whole page of OPTICIANS

If you would like to see a page about Specsavers, see STAMP DEMON's page for SPECSAVERS. That helps!

The content of this page has been toned-down only because of a special request by our friends at the affiliate marketing company, who we're pleased to say promote many good diversity-friendly places! You have only to explore around this interesting site for a while to see the encyclopaedic realm of possibilities. Full Site Index