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Splat advertising is any type of promotion of hyping up of a company, product, or service, in which the person on the receiving end is an unwitting target of the advertisement.

This is in contrast to SELECT advertising where the person has an initial desire and goes looking for whatever it is they want.

The defining difference between Splat advertising and Select advertising is this: Who has taken the initiative? The promoter or the customer?

Select advertising is obviously preferable as the customer is actively looking for something and is intent on finding it. Splat advertising has a downside in that it can sometimes be intrusive, and there's also the problem that as the recipients are not all actually interested in what they are being offered, the success rate is often considerably less than 100%!

I'm not saying that splat advertising is necessarily always bad. It's generally accepted that in a westernised society you will get bombarded by advertisements, most of which you'll ignore. However there is usually a point beyond which people will draw the line and say it's intrusive, annoying, distracting, or in some way unfair.

Some types of splat advertising are almost completely acceptable, for example signs on shops, newspaper ads, reasonable levels of commercials on the television, etc. Also some advertising has other merits, for example entertainment value.

Splat advertising of some types is increasingly regarded as unacceptable, for example unsolicited bulk commercial e-mails (spam), the use of distracting jiggling banners and annoying pop-ups on websites, irrelevant sponsored links on searches, and some types of telephone marketing (described by some people as "misuse of the telephone system"). In the old days, door to door selling was regarded with some suspicion, and the dropping of junkmail through letterboxes was tolerated only up to a point. As with many things, there should be a balance. Ice cream vans and door-to-door politicians have to be put up with to a reasonable extent, lest we fall into the zero tolerance trap which so many fundamentalists have fallen into.

Select advertising is more subtle but more powerful, for the obvious reason that the customers are actively looking for the product or service in question. For example, if your roof starts to leak, you are most likely to pick up the phone book and look for a roof mender. That's SELECT ADVERTISING, because you have made the decision to acquire a repair service.

The best form of Select Advertising is word of mouth. If you ask someone "can you recommend a good fish and chip shop?", the answer is likely to be a sincere opinion, and then it's up to you to find out for yourself if this is well-founded.

Over the years, splat advertising has lost credibility and the move is more towards select advertising. This trend is partly because of the proliferation of splat advertising and an acquired numbness and filtering-out which has been developed by people to avoid being nobbled by the persistent barrage of competing advertising (most of which is irrelevant to the person themselves). Spam is the ultimate example to show this effect. In a recent (2006) account, a company sending out millions of spam e-mails got a visit rate of less than one in 2,500 messages sent. See spam cautionary tale

Irrelevant banner advertisements included on websites are another example of splat advertising, but this is not so bad provided they aren't too distracting (annoying jiggling ads). Again, the take-up rate is very poor, which means that most of the people who see the banners are ignoring them. Some companies have taken extreme measures and created ad-blocking software that censors out banners on websites. This has the unfortunate effect of "throwing the baby out with the bathwater", so if you have got Norton AdBlocker, you'll be unable to see various photos and other features which Norton AdBlocker will incorrectly edit out by false assumption that they are advertisements.

Another problem with ad-blockers is that they censor out in-context select advertising (which can have success rates as high as 50%), producing the curious effect where your desired link to go to a place is GONE and you have nowhere to follow (and no mention that they filtered anything out!). If you've got that problem, here's how to solve it: Fix AdBlocker Problem

Although something has to be done to defend yourself against the proliferation of splat advertising, it's important to maintain your freedom of choice to continue to allow select advertising.

Affiliate marketing is online advertising which exists as both forms, splat advertising and select advertising. Either way, the affiliate gets paid if the advertising is noticed, but select advertising does best if the affiliate is paid a commission according to how much business is brought to the merchant. In contrast, splat advertisers prefer to be paid according to how many click-throughs happen or how many impressions the advertising makes. This is all very silly as it's a flawed marketing model. In reality it doesn't matter how many clicks or impressions go on. What matters is how much good it does! There's no PPC (pay per click) here. Besides the distracting nature of that kind of advertising, there have been instances where merchants have been swindled by unscrupulous affiliates putting through artificial clicks. As you may have guessed I prefer Select Advertising! I only expect to be paid if I actually do some good, rather than to be paid by how many banners can be splatted onto screens. My philosophy on this is that there's no point in making a lot of fuss and nuisance, and it's much better to be good for business. Customers are happier with this too, and it makes a welcome change to see stuff being undersold rather than over-hyped. If you'd like to show your approval of this kind of approach, you're welcome to go shopping online at the Shopping Portal and other choice categories at this site. You can shop where you choose, rather than feeling you must shop where they shout the loudest.

What to do if you really detest annoying advertising:

Vote with your feet. Boycott advertising which is annoying. Only buy stuff that is advertised in ways which you approve of. Please note that there are no annoying pop-ups on this site, so if you see any, then you've got spyware. See How to Get Rid of Annoying pop-ups! If you like what I'm saying here about sensible advertising, having advertising being SELECT Zyra downloadable desktop icon(so you choose what you want), you could bookmark this site and use its alphabetic index to look things up. There are some people who think there is no advertising at this site. That's not true; there is. It's just that it's there when you are looking for it, rather than it being there as an annoyance. If you like, you can even download a Zyra icon onto your desktop. This is clickable and explainable and helps to set a good example to other people, encouraging good practice in advertising and helping to turn the tide against annoying splat advertising.