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Zyra can also handle HTML

Zyra can also handle HTML

This picture of Zyra "handling HTML" is part of the Zyra Photo Gallery but was previously also an advertisement for the website creating business! HTML = HyperText Markup Language, which is the stuff webpages are made of. To get some website construction, you can look further into HTML, and also see how to get your own website. We also know of a hosting company where you can have a website looked after for a reasonable figure. See Vivostar

To see some HTML, do VIEW/SOURCE or look at this page showing the gubbins of a webpage: Tate

You can build your own website! See HTML and How to Get a Free Website ! Note that although having a Free Website sounds inexpensive, the long-term cost advantages of having a full spec website outweigh the small costs.

The photo "Zyra can also handle HTML" was also used on the Welcome Feature, on the page about Real Content to liven up a text page and also to illustrate the principle of creating actual pages.